Chanel Haute Couture Show Fused Fashion and Nature


Unlike many high-concept runway shows that deal with nature, Karl Lagerfeld decided that the aspects of nature that he would work with would actually be textures, and this move paid off in spades. The Chanel Haute Couture show had some absolutely beautiful fashions (which is to be expected from Lagerfeld), and you should give the video, in the link below, a watch as well. 


Karl Lagerfeld + black and white = the perfect combination, which is why this season's Chanel Haute Couture collection was such a hit from the start. The designer barely strayed from a greyscale colour palette in the early pieces, offering plenty of the tweedy suits and single-breasted jackets that are Chanel Couture's bread and butter.

But later the black and white was broken up with floral embroidery in pops of pink and green, pale lilac chiffons and lots of coloured sequins. That's when it got really interesting. Read More

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