Chanel Launches Pop-Up Shop in London

The Olympics may have concluded, but luxury brands are still reaping the benefits from appearances at the iconic games. Chanel was the latest label to launch a pop-up shop during the Opening Ceremony in the Covent Garden and will remain in London long after the Spice Girls sing the last song in the closing ceremony. The shop will be the French fashion brand’s first and so far only U.K. location dedicated exclusively to beauty and fragrance.

The two-story shop is breath-taking with careful detail to décor and goes above and beyond product offerings by also incorporating beauty services for its clients. Chanel created a luxury shopping atmosphere by adorning the spot with beauty products and of course their classic interlocking Cs logo, in powder pink.

On the first story Chanel features a makeover station and manicure salon serving as a main floor. It is rumored that Sophy Robson, a popular manicurist for fashion brands like Louis Vuitton and fashion icons like Kate Moss, is one of the talented artists on staff. Robson inadvertently gave away clues in her social media and also included the interlocking Cs into her nail art designs recently. So we are privy to the fact that she is in-house with Chanel and proud of it. Regardless of who is on staff, Chanel is sure to hit a home run in London with new location and keeps customers engaged with luxury beauty services. 

Felena Black

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