Chanel Lipstick and the New BMW: Both the Perfect Red


If  a car, was a lipstick would you wear it?  Or, a shoe?  A red pump, perhaps? 

The answer is:  Yes, if its a BMW.  Yes,  if its a hybrid BMW. Yes, if you are able to have dinner with it.  I did all three, well, the last one anyway, at the delightful FIG restaurant in Santa Monica at the Sheraton, where the gorgeous array of  Beemer beauties were parked and where I took the test drive. I sat next to a BMW for dinner, and it was a beautiful lipstick red.  

At the LA Automotive Show, I had to get my eyes on the new hybrids too.  The gorgeous body style, taken from the 325 i series of this new hybrid that is not only saving money on gas, but the combustion engine is really running more efficiently using the hybrid technology; no more clunky switching from one thing to another, as this car has integrated the technology to the point where you won't know where one stops and the other, starts. That was my major complaint about those other hybrids, they just didn't get the idea of a luxury ride. 

Now, getting back to that lipstick red: until you see the depth of this red in person, with its many layers of paint, pictures can't do it justice. This is not your daddy's paint job, this is something entirely 21st century in the technology and application.  This is color, times ten. 

I found that the thrill of this red was the same as receiving my first pair of red patent leather 'Mary Jane' shoes.  In case you are not a shoe person, they are like flats, with little straps across the foot with a button on one side. Of course, I was 12 years old at the time, but the thrill of red, is just the same. Intoxicating.  

I drove several models and also have owned a 700 series. Now, who doesn't want to drive the top end 700 series that is designed for someone who owns a small country?  Or, the sporty M6 series with an  engine that growels like a cat; it was a shame that I had to keep it under control while driving down Main Street.  This is a car just for commuting from your beach house in Malibu to your office and you'd look forward to it. 

Now, of course, if you 're not a red person, the black, silver, white, creme or charcoal gray could give you the same sort of thrill; but for me, I'll take the red any day.  Now, if I can just come up with the perfect outfit to wear while I'm driving the car, because when I step out, well, let's just say, it's the perfect accessory. 

For more information on the new 2013 models, check out the local BMW dealership near you, or in Santa Monica, CA, the link below. 

Santa Monica BMW

Pikke Allen

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