Cheap Knockoffs Continue To Crowd Market


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Luxury fashion looks lovely, but it's a quick way to break the bank if you're not careful. Unfortunately you only get what you pay for, and cheap knockoffs not withstanding, there's no making up for the quality of a name brand. Sadly, youths today are turning more and more to cheap knockoffs, and this will have serious ramifications on the fashion industry of tomorrow.


RohiniGiri looked longingly at the tote tantalizingly displayed at a shop window, held herself back for a bit, thinking her pocket money would fall way short of the bag's cost, but made her way inside the shop, nonetheless. She thought she would just touch the beautiful bag, ask for its price and leave.


She did exactly that. She touched the bag, asked for its price and, well, bought it. Her friends were incredulous when she showed them her new buy. (Read More)


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