Check Out the Most Influential Fashion Bloggers

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While there are some obvious omissions in this piece at Fashionista (my friend Michael and I, for instance), one of the most surprising facets of this list is that there is only one male populating the influential fashion blogger numbers: Bryan Boy. Can you think of any other personal style bloggers that you think should have made the list?


Some say the age of the personal style blogger is over.

Today, the girl needs more than an outfit, a boyfriend, and a camera. Bloggers need to think about production quality, editorial strategy, and affiliate programs to really gain a foothold on the web. They are more like editors, creating publications worthy of a million-person audience than a few thousand super-fans.

Yet it still comes down to that camera. Nine times out of 10, the bloggers who move merchandise, who get people talking, who attract repeat advertisers, love to strike a pose. Read More

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