Choose Organic Skincare and Help the Planet in the Process

It's hard to ignore the potential dangers of many synthetic skincare ingredients. For a lot of people, that info is enough to make the switch to cleaner, greener skincare, but it's not just you who will benefit from going organic. Making the switch can benefit the planet too.

Go organic and help the planet

There is a huge increase in awareness of the dangers of many cosmetic ingredients, but that's not the only reason to go organic when it comes to skincare. While the risks of these ingredients to human health are under examination, it is important to note that the build-up of toxins such as these is having an impact on the environment too.

Anything that you put on your skin or hair will end up being washed down the plughole. This in turn ends up in the water supply and can have a devastating effect on wildlife and ecosystems. Not only that, but many modern production methods have an impact on the environment. Switching to organic beauty products is a truly holistic way to start caring for the planet as well as your family.


Parabens are one of the most widespread preservatives used in conventional skincare products. They are linked to hormone disruption, which can cause all manner of health problems including cancer and fertility issues in humans. Whatever they can do to you, they will do to the surrounding wildlife too.

Parabens get into the water supply and can end up in the systems of many animals. This can lead to birth defects and problems with reproduction for many species. While the jury is still out on the long-term effects of these kinds of pollutants, it makes sense to leave them out altogether by going organic.


SLS, or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, is an ingredient added to many non-organic soaps and shampoos in order to make them foam. Many people find SLS to be irritating to the skin and eyes and the ingredient has been linked to flare-ups of conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. That reason alone is good enough for many people to opt for SLS-free alternatives.

If you think SLS is bad for your own health, consider the effects on the environment. SLS will kill fresh water fish at certain levels and it is practically impossible for it to break down in the environment. While it may seem like there isn't a high enough concentration to do any harm, when you consider that practically everything that bubbles contains some SLS, the cumulative effects on water systems could be devastating if people do not cut down on their usage of this chemical.



How organic can help the environment

It's not just a case of avoiding the nasties when people make the switch to organic. People and the environment can derive many other benefits from using products that do not contain harmful ingredients.

The organic farming methods used to create organic skincare ingredients support the local wildlife by not using pesticides. This in turn allows more species to thrive where they would be struggling with conventional farming. Buying organic also helps small communities to retain their way of life by being able to sell their traditional crops to consumers at a fair price.

There are so many reasons to go organic and it's not just about you. Living an organic lifestyle can have tremendous benefits for the planet too.


Adriana Frederick writes regularly on organic beauty products for a range of beauty websites and blogs. She lives a fully organic lifestyle on her smallholding in Wales, where she grows her own herbs and enjoys letting her children run free in the countryside.

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