Chris Hemsworth Invites Us to Australia, Calling it a "Place You Feel"

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth can lure his fans anywhere. So don’t be surprised if the world shows up on his doorstep now that the star has officially invited every person on the planet to visit his homeland. I, for one, am already packed.   

The Melbourne-born leading man from Thor, The Avengers and the upcoming films Ghostbusters and Huntsman Winter’s War has just been named the global ambassador for Tourism Australia, so he’s lent his support and alluring voice to the newest campaign, which highlights Oz’s stunning aquatic and coastal experiences. “It’s different down here,” Hemsworth says in the panoramic three-minute film. “The air just has more life in it. Sounds touch you and the light fills you up somehow. It’s a place that stays with you. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, it stays forever.”

Vicki Arkoff

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