Christina Aguilera Shares the Secret to Seduction

Red Sin

via Fragrantica

With a new scent that will send chills down the spine of any man and empower any women with the sense of captivating seduction, Christina Aguilera has struck again with her new “Red Sin” perfume. Luscious, raw, and irresistible, Christina's new musky fragrance is now available from The Fragrance Shop.


For 2013, Christina Aguilera has set out to empower women to feel irresistible with her new fragrance, Red Sin. It is all about making a woman feel seductive, captivating, and proud of her femininity.


Along with her glamorous and charismatic charm, Christina is known for her love of the colour red, crediting the colour with having the capability to change the way a woman feels. Red represents the transformation from soft and innocent to powerful and alluring. With its deep, intense hue, a woman in red can command the attention in any room. (Read More)

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