Christmas at Thailand with Cheap Koh Samui Holidays

Christmas in Koh Samui

Thailand is one of the most magnificent places to spend Far-East Holidays and has been a great tourist hub from a very long time. This island has many amazing cities that are very famous and perfect place to celebrate festivals and events. Koh Samui is one of them. This city is a great place and filled with many attractions and incredible landmarks. Visit this ravishing city and one can make their Christmas vacation a memory of lifetime.

Airport and Transportation

This city is the house of Ko Samui International Airport which is the key portal for the backpackers visiting from rest of the world. Koh Samui has many modes of transportation that are largely used by locals like bus, taxis, bikes and bicycles that are very cheap to use and frequent. With cheap tickets to Koh Samui, one can rent a car to commute from airport to hotels or tourist sites.

Get to Know Koh Samui

With air tickets to Koh Samui, one can explore the city and visit to some iconic landmarks and historical places in the city. While coming to hotel from airport one can visit to the Big Buddha Temple where one can find a huge Buddha statue with many shops and food stalls all around. This might be a place that can get rid one from jetlags and release all the stress of flights.

Tourist Attractions of Koh Samui

Take cheap flights to Koh Samui fom London, and one can visit to some amazing sites where one can spend a great time during Christmas vacations. One can visit to Lamai Beach which is the biggest tourist attraction in Koh Samui boasted with many attractions and adventurous activities at and around the beach. One can spend a whole day relaxing or partying at the beach or can visit to the Coco Splash Water Park which is the biggest water park of the city and has many adventurous rides for every age group.

With the help of tickets to Koh Samui, one can explore the coastal area of the city. One can visit to the Angthong National marine Park which is the biggest marine park of Thailand and has more then 30 lands in it. Take a day off from everything to enjoy an adventurous day trip to these lands and explore the wild life, flora, fauna and underwater life of this country. Here one can also find the tribes of Samui and can observe the traditional way of living they have.

Shopping and Food

Shopping here will be a treat as Thailand is very renowned place for markets. Here one can find many big markets and malls that sell all kinds of products with great quality and reliability. One can find some big shops and small stores close to every landmark or tourist site. Even at the beaches and harbor, one can get some incredible stuff at a reasonable price.

Thai food is quite famous among everyone and being a city of Thailand, this place is also very rich with great flavors and taste. One can find many restaurants and stalls scattered all over the city and especially close to every landmark or tourists site including beaches serving great food and not just Thai food but also other international cuisines like Italian, Chinese, Indian, Continental and much more.

Koh Samui Holidays


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