City of Amsterdam: Drugs, Art and Cafes

Bike in Amsterdam

I never really gave Amsterdam a second thought until I had a conversation with my wife where she described a trip she took through Europe and how Amsterdam was one of the most fun and beautiful cities she had ever been to. Also, although there are some certain forms of inebriation legally available in Amsterdam that aren’t available in the United States, that has no bearing on my wanting to go there. Honestly, my main goal in visiting this city would be to have as relaxing a time as possible. I would spend a lot of my time at sidewalk cafes, public parks and lounges.


This plan for a vacation in Amsterdam is because everyone I know that has been there talks mostly of the beauty of the city and how great people watching is there. I’d also head to the Van Gogh Museum and Rembrandt House, as well as some of the other great cultural attractions in Amsterdam, rounding off a relaxing and inspiring trip to this well-liked European city.

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