Concealed Carry The Hidden Fashion Craze

More Common Than You'd Think


Guns and fashion aren't two industries you'd really expect to mix, until you stop and think about it. With a huge percentage of Americans owning a gun, and their clothes or accessories being just about the only place to hide or carry them, it's no surprise that Kate Woolstenhulme has kicked off the Designer Concealed Carry handbag line, or that it's kicking up quite a craze.

Living in the left-leaning, media-elite world of New York City, it’s difficult to imagine—let alone understand—that 34% of Americans own a gun. And 43% of those gun-owners are women. Laws about carrying weapons in public vary by state and municipality, but unless you live in Illinois, you probably pass a civilian every day who is carrying a gun.


That may sound scary as shit to you—I know it does to me—but I’ve put my liberal bias aside to speak with Dallas-based Kate Woolstenhulme, the founder of Designer Concealed Carry handbags, a collection engineered to safely conceal your gun in a way a traditional purse can’t. (Read More)

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