Condolezza Rice Sports Athletic Look For NFL Womenswear Campaign

September is around the corner and it’s not just fashion month, it’s the kick-off to football season and the NFL just released a new women’s fashion campaign to add to the excited. Moreover, Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice trades her skirt suits for a sportier look in her modeling debut for the redesigned womenswear line for the NFL. Her team of choice? The Cleveland Browns. The new line features feminine-fitted football jerseys, tops and tees in an empowering campaign coined, “It’s My Team.” Other house-hold names featured are Melania Trump and Serena Williams.

 According to the New York Times, women account for 45% of the NFL’s overall fan base and the NFL believes a good portion of those women’s wardrobes have been lacking in fashion-forward football gear; I agree.

Rhiannon Madden, NFL's director of apparel echoed this need for women’s apparel: 'We want to show that you can be a [football] fan by what you wear to work, going to the gym or out at night with girlfriends[…] It's also a message of empowerment. It's your team — not your guy's team,' she said.

I’ll be looking for my team’s new lady apparel, The Dallas Cowboys, of course. 

Felena Black

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