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No longer does traveling for work have to be an ‘end of the world’ type of situation, where you find yourself living out of a suitcase for months and months. I travel for work a lot around America, and I can be posted in a city for up to four months at any one time.

I used to go with the flow and be put up in some tiny hotel room, and eat every meal out. Eh! Now that gets tiring and very unhealthy after a while. Recently, I discovered Kozi — AKA my saviour. Kozi has corporate housing in Boston and Dallas, but the Houston corporate housing is where I have spent most of my time however.

They have absolutely gorgeous accommodations available for short term rental. Once there, accommodation is super spacious and fully equipped with everything anyone could possibly want in order to feel at home. They have amazing facilities — cable television, fully equipped kitchen, and internet service, just to name a few! Total luxury.

I’m here to let any travelers out here know just how fantastic Kozi and their properties are. Total value for the money, an absolute pleasure to live in, truly all you could need and want when living away from ‘home’.

Thanks to Kozi, visiting Boston isn’t at the bottom of my work wish list. I actually enjoy travelling there for work now. Kozi’s corporate housing in Boston helped sway my perceptions of this amazing city which I now love. 

I highly recommend Kozi corporate housing for business trips, or any longer stay holidays or visits around America.


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