Coty Prestige's New Fragrance

Roses de Chloe

via moodiereportcom

Years ago Coty Prestige made waves in the fragrance industry with their release of their famed Chloé Eau de Parfum, and now they are doing it again with a second sister fragrance to the legendary scent in the form of Roses de Chloé. This new fragrance will add yet another spin on Chloé's varied character and serve as Coty Prestige's third great pillar product.

Earlier today at the Hôtel Miramion in Paris, Coty Prestige officially presented the new feminine fragrance from the house of Chloé. The scent wil be introduced globally from September.


The signature Chloé Eau de Parfum was introduced by Coty in 2008 (Chloé was formerly part of the Unilever stable, acquired by Coty in 2005). Rose was a key ingredient within the juice, but subverted – in the classic Chloé way – to create a fragrance that was described by the brand as vibrant, warm, elegant and seductive. (Read More)

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