Craig Calabrese The Anthony bourdain of artists

Let me introduce myself my name is craig calabrese im a self proclaimed watercolor artist I paint ,cook and Im not such a good writer I travel and  often l on shoestring budget  Im disabled hip replacement have all the time in the world and no strings attached I love meeting people and I write with watercolor images most of time prefering a brush over a pen I dont care about money I believe in god and the good of others and seving my maker my plan is to give 75% of all my art sales to charity if I can sell my art work so far have not fed too many just started though and as anthony would say my life certainly does not suck! though I own nothing and usally broke so theres NO RESERVATIONS

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Born and raised in new england began painting at a young age with oils and acrylics an avid nature lover my paintings are often on subject matter that reflects new England or nature i like old barns , lighthouses and natural landscapes in the backcountry or wild settings I became interested in watercolor and found the medium to be challenging I paint only with watercolors now and co...(Read More)

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