Cruising With the Classics

Have you ever dreamed of rubbing elbows with your favorite classic movie stars? Are you a film buff that is excited by the prospect of an old Hollywood-themed experience on the high seas? TCM, the cable channel that specializes in classic films, answered many vintage movie enthusiasts’ dreams when it hosted the inaugural "Turner Classic Movie Cruise" in 2011. The initial voyage was such a monumental hit that the station has decided to host a second classic film-themed cruise in 2013. Here are a few highlights from the "Turner Classic Movie Cruise “maiden voyage, what to expect from the sequel and the many other star-filled and downright monstrous cruises available.


Highlights from the First Cruise

The original "Turner Classic Movie Cruise" set sail for four-days of movie magic, classic celebrities and film themed entertainment in 2011. The cruise departed from Miami bound for Key West, offering the ideal opportunity to incorporate the master of horror and suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, into the festivities. Hitchcock Blondes: Eva Marie Saint and Tippi Hedren, featured two of the director's classic bombshells, and offered guests the opportunity to learn about the iconic figure's process from two of his best known muses.

“A Conversation with Ernest Borgnine” was another highlight of the cruise. The 95-year-old acclaimed actor sat down with TCM personality Robert Osborne to discuss is extensive movie career, which includes "From Here to Eternity,” "McHale's Navy,” "The Dirty Dozen,”  "The Wild Bunch" and "Marty", a film that earned Borgnine the Academy Award for Best Actor.

TCM at its heart is all about great films, which were aired throughout the cruise. During "A Poolside Affair" cruisers were treated to a screening of arguably one of the most romantic movies of all time, 1957's "An Affair to Remember." "A Night at the Opera on the Ocean" gave the guests an opportunity to tickle their funny bones while watching the Marx Brothers unforgettable comedy "A Night at the Opera."  Aside from the movie stars and films, guests enjoyed world class cuisine, movie-themed trivia contests, live music and an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience iconic films on the high seas.


What to Expect from 2013 TCM Classic Cruise

With the unprecedented success of the 2011 cruise, TCM enthusiastically announced a second voyage slated to depart from Miami on January 21, 2013. During the six-day voyage, the Celebrity Constellation will make its way from Florida to Grand Cayman and finally Cozumel. TCM is being tight lipped about the specifics of the cruise, but rest assured that Robert Osborne will be on board to interview a variety of iconic film actors. After you're done rubbing elbows with the stars, check out the ship's various amenities, which include specialty restaurants, spas, a full-service casino and much more.


Cruising with Celebrities

Turner Classic Movies didn't invent the idea of star-studded cruises, and many celebrities have taken the sea by storm when hosting cruises across the globe. Regis Philbin, actor John Cleese, former news anchor Dan Rather, author Mary Higgins Clark, singer Kid Rock and even the former president of Ireland, Mary Robinson, are just a few of the many personalities that have cashed in on the multi-billion dollar cruising industry. TLC celebrity Kate Gosselin is the featured guest on Western Caribbean Cruise's "Sail With Kate," which travels from August 12-19, 2012. The former reality television star is slated to answer questions, host a charity dinner and generally interact with her fans in this unique setting.


A Horror-Themed Cruise?

Fans of the horror film series "Saw" will have the unforgettable opportunity to meet and greet the movie's well-known sadistic puppet, Jigsaw, while discussing the franchise, gore and scares with their fellow horror movie enthusiasts. Actor Dan Yeager, who portrayed the cannibalistic antagonist in the recent "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3-D” and a host of other horror film actors are slated to be aboard this cruise that departs from New York on August 11th, 2012. Along the way, the actors will participate in question and answer sessions while you travel along the coast of New England and Canada to your final destination in Nova Scotia.

Book your seats quickly for the TCM Classic Cruise, Sail with Kate, and "Saw" cruise as soon as possible, because spots fill up quicker than you might think. Do your homework and look for the best cruise deals, which in the case of the "Saw" cruise start at $779/person when you book double occupancy.



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