Current Art Exhibitions in Madrid Worth Checking Out

Las Meninas


As one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it almost seems unfair to those of us who don't live there that Madrid also has an incredible selection of art exhibitions for people to browse through. Current exhibitions in Madrid include La Belleza Encerrada, Velazquez and The Family of Philip IV, and Surrealism and the Dream.

Captive Beauty. From Fra Angelico to Fortuny (21 May to 10 November @ Prado Museum): the exhibition takes visitors on a historical-artistic journey through more than 250 paintings from the museum's collection, all sharing a common feature - their small size, reflecting their function as cabinet paintings and preparatory studies. Read More (Spanish)

'Surrealism and the Dream' explores the deep roots of the connection between dreams and images in Surrealism through paintings, drawings, collages, sculptures and photographs by artists such as Dalí, Breton, Delvaux, Tanguy, Magritte, Masson and Nougue. Read More

The most important portraits from the end of Velázquez's life join others that were being produced in his circle, showing us the importance and development of portraiture in the Spanish court under the artistic reign of this painter from Seville. Read More


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