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People from each and every corner of the world come to Cyprus to spend a holiday because it has many things to offer to the visitors. It is the best destination for those who want to spend some memorable time with their friends and families. They can have a lot of fun at the beaches. Good drink and food are available in the numerous bars and restaurants. So if you are looking to spend a high quality vacation, you should choose Cyprus as the destination.

You should visit the west coast of Cyprus if you want to get the traditional essence of the place. The best architectural structures of Cyprus can be found here. The place is well known for marvelous historical places. You will spend a nice time on the west coast visiting these places. If you want to enjoy on the beaches and have fun swimming in the seas, the east coast of Cyprus is the best place to visit. You also have fun taking a sun bath in the beaches. If you are looking for some adventure, you can take part in various water sports. They include kayaking, surfing, snorkeling to name a few. You can find out more about Cyprus holidays at

The climatic condition of Cyprus is of Mediterranean type. The time of visiting Cyprus totally depends on the visitor. You should plan the holiday depending on the kind of experience you are looking for. The best thing about the climate of Cyprus is that it can be predicted. The summer season begins in June and continues till September. The weather is too hot during this time. August is the best time to visit Cyprus. Know more about Cyprus holidays at Besides the sun bath, Cyprus has many more things to offer. It has a rich cultural heritage. You can learn about the religion and romantic mythology of the place. Cyprus is regarded as the birthplace of Aphrodite. She is believed to the goddess of beauty and love. According to a local legend, it is believed that if you swim around the rock of the Aphrodite, you will surely find your true love. You can find abundant historical fact here. You can see a variety of cultures in Cyprus because the place had been ruled by the Romans, Greeks, Brits and Turks at some point of time. If you don’t pay a visit to the magnificent Troodos Mountains, your trip to Cyprus would be incomplete. You will find a colorful market in the Troodos Square. You can also take the help of local holiday makers to make your tour of Cyprus more enjoyable. The people of the place are very friendly and provides the best hospitality to the tourists. Find out some more destinations of Cyprus holidays at

Tenerife is yet another popular holiday destination. The place has plenty of attractions like sandy beaches, golf courses and a variety of water sports. If you love adventure you can go for wind surfing or have a close look at the whales and dolphins. Visit for all your Tenerife holidays queries.

Next time you plan a holiday, give Cyprus a thought.


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