Dandy Style: Luxury Mens Leather Shoes

Dandyism is a particular branch of men’s fashion that places an emphasis on dressing well and looking smart. The dandy is a British invention which has its roots in a time that predates the Napoleonic wars. Oscar Wilde encapsulated dandyism at its heyday in the late 19th century, and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby was a perfect example of how dandyism had, by 1922, taken a firm hold in American culture as well.

Dandy style does not ascribe to one particular look; however all dandies have a desire to dress well, in the latest styles and with the latest attitudes towards both fashion and life in general.

How to Dress Like a Dandy

Dandyism is in the details and all dandies will pay special attention to every part of their attire, from head to toe. Suits in fine fabrics and expensive cuts are extremely popular, as are accessories in the shape of pocket watches, hats, silk ties, fine waistcoats, pocket handkerchiefs and mens leather shoes and dress shoes.

Perhaps the most important part of following dandy fashion is footwear. Cheap shoes are a no-go; dandies will wear expensive shoes on all occasions and only the finest mens leather shoes or other types of dress shoe will do.

Shopping for Mens Leather Shoes

No matter your budget, you can still dress like a dandy. Mens leather shoes don’t have to cost the earth and it’s still possible to look your dandy best if you opt for a pair of cheap shoes, as long as they’re the right material and style. Trainers are absolutely not part of the dandy ethos.

To find luxuriously styled cheap shoes it’s always a good idea to wait for a mens shoe sale, so you can find your favourite mens leather shoes at affordable prices. Our shoes say much about us, and mens leather shoes speak of education, class and employment, which is why they tend to be favoured by dandies. English shoes are particularly popular and, as England is the birthplace of the dandy, they carry a special weight in dandy fashion culture.

Mens Leather Shoes and the Dandy Lifestyle

Back in the day, a man would have a tailor, barber, cobbler and perhaps even a specialist suit maker. Modern dandyism is about a longing to return to these times, when clothing and footwear were admired for their craftsmanship instead of being worn without care. High quality mens leather shoes are a perfect example of how dandyism has remained a cultural constant, as despite the stylistic preferences of any particular era, finely crafted mens leather shoes have continued in popularity to this day.


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