Delicious dinner party tips for unusual soirees

If you are bored of doing dinner parties the same old boring way, then why not add a bit of spice to yours by doing things differently. This could mean anything from having a weird venue to unusual food, a la Heston Blumenthal.

If you are still unsure how you could make your dinner parties more exciting, here are a few top tips:

• Have an odd venue

To give your dinner party a twist why not hold it somewhere unusual. You could transport your fodder to a local park for a posh picnic with fine wines and delicious dinner in an alfresco style. You could hold it in your basement and decorate it up to be a themed dining room from another age, or suggest a Skype dinner party for a laugh. The last idea might not work, but be creative!

• Cook surprising food

So what will you cook – coq au vin? Bolognese? “Oh not again” your guests may be inwardly crying. Do something to surprise them by serving something like shark, buffalo or wild boar in your serving dishes. Most people are excited by new foods and this could make yours a dinner to remember.

• Invite new people

Some dinner parties get stale because the guests are always the same. They are probably all perfectly nice people but to spice things up why not invite some new people? Ask the new neighbours, your new colleague or someone you met down the pub. Mix things up and see what happens.

• Entertain
Why not try to actually entertain your guests? Get a magician to come round, get a guitar out after dinner (if you can play that is) or suggest a game like Pictionary or charades to get people really having fun.


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