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Gluten free doesn’t mean excitement free or tasteless free. I have always loved cooking, and always loved eating out. I have been eating gluten free for a few years now, and as time goes on, there are more and more gluten free options available in both the supermarket and in restaurants. I even travel the world, and love to see what gluten free goodies I can find in different cultures and countries.

I think people would be surprised to know that in a place like Italy, gluten free pasta and pizza isn’t too hard to come by! Or in a place like Bangkok, I found myself eating some delicious gluten free bread in a hotel. Or in Cambodia, I found myself eating a delicious gluten free pesto pasta (twice) at a cafe. Seriously yum, and so exciting when you’ve been away for a few weeks, or months!

Gluten free food in Australia is becoming more prevalent in our restaurants, particularly in bigger cities. But the amazing gluten or wheat free foods you can get in the supermarket nowadays, makes our lives so much easier.

I use a brand called Well and Good for some packaged foods, and for some of the most delicious gluten free recipes in Australia. The texture you get from their products is just so delicious, and so enjoyable. I feed it to friends, and many times they don’t know the difference. Plus their foods are easy to make and create with your own spin. Their website is a fav of mine- definitely check it out if you’re interested in GF!

Well and Good

Yum Gluten Free Bread Mix


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