Denise Hooper, Professional Makeup Artists, Reveals The Secrets of the Stars

Kerry Washington

Image courtesy ABC

You may not have heard of Denise Hooper, but you've almost certainly seen her work on Scandal's Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington. The renowned makeup artist took the time to give out a few select secrets with a set of makeup tips that can make anyone match the beautiful miss Washington.


On Scandal, Kerry Washington (as Olivia Pope) portrays a crisis fixer with influence in high places, which means her makeup palette is always work-appropriate and simply stunning. And as it turns out, it's so easy to do at home, you'll want to wear it every day. You can see more of her character's standout beauty moments when the show returns for season 3. But before then, read what Denise Hooper, makeup department head for the show, reveals about getting Olivia's signature look when you read more.


Get the Look: Getting Olivia's no-nonsense makeup is quite simple. "Wearing too much makeup is a common mistake," Hooper explains. (Read More)

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