Design and shades of birthday invitations


Birthday parties are perhaps the most widely celebrated social occasion in the whole world. From toddlers to aged persons, everyone can have their birthday celebrated. The occasion is marked by fun and frolic, food, exchange of gifts etc. Especially to young people, birthdays are really special. Every year they try to have memorable gatherings and invite their close friends and family. On some occasions, invitation cards are sent while on others people invite by phone, invite in person. Sending invitation cards were obviously the most expensive way but it is not anymore.  This change in situation can be credited to the rising popularity of printable birthday invitations. It is a fresh, unique way to invite someone to join in the celebration. It is like adding a personal touch to an almost formal practice.

There are multiple reasons behind the popularity of printable birthday invitations-

       I.           It is cheaper than traditional readymade cards. But nonetheless they are good looking.

     II.           They can be prepared at a short notice.

   III.           If you are a regular computer user you can create a good printable birthday card with some effort. There is no need to be a professional designer.

   IV.           There are lots of options, in terms of designs, written messages etc.

You can create a great looking printable birthday card on your desktop/laptop computer while sitting at home. No need to visit shops to find out the best invitation card for your birthday party. All you need is a DTP software or good photo editing software. 

Use of Templates

You will find basic templates in these applications that will work as a guide in creating the birthday cards. You get to choose the paper size, borders, the orientation (portrait/ landscape) and other initial features. 

Using the Layout

While creating printable birthday invitations, you can mix and match different style, size and formatting of fonts. You can also set the font’s different alignments. The actual message printed in the card is the core of the birthday card. With flexibility in using the layout you can create a card with both elaborate/ minimal designs. 

You also get to insert pictures (different file formats are supported). After inserting, set the size and orientation of the photos. Some of the more advanced software would allow you to make some modifications to the photo itself. Even if this feature is unavailable, you can use photo editing software to edit the photo and then insert the edited version.

Additional Features

If you use DTP software to create printable birthday invitations, you will get to use tools with which you can create shapes, lines and other objects. These tools will allow you to make a birthday card with intricate designing.

Use of Motif

You can download some popular motifs from the internet and then design on top of it. These motifs are generally based on themes that kids and young ones can recognize quickly.

After the designing part is complete, it is time to make a printout of the card. You do not require any top of the line printer. Any good modern printer can handle printable birthday invitations.

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