Designer Jil Sander Breaks the Rules in Milan

 “You have to break rules,” designer Jil Sanders said at the debut of her menswear line.

Throughout the years Sanders has always broke the rules and made her own; most recently by making her second return to her namesake label.  (She will also soon debut her first womeswear line since her return.) And yet with two new lines and a return to the brand, Sanders’ name is nowhere to be found on the Milan Fashion Week line up.

So how is she breaking the rules now? During Milan Fashion Week, Sanders will stage two shows “independently” of the official calendar, going rogue.

All buzz has been around Milan, with a tight, competitive schedule the first three days with designers all vying for a premier spot, fearing editors will leave early for Paris. Which they will. So why did Sanders break the mold once again? Probably to opt-out of the rat race for one of these spots in the calendar and to of course, create her own buzz. With the confidence Sanders possesses, she knows her lines and the two shows are ones that editors and designers alike won’t want to ignore.

Now that’s some bold fashion guts. 

Felena Black

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