Designer Joe Fresh Launches Stores, Collaborates With J.C.Penny


The Joe Fresh brand has been revamping its image for the better and has recently announced a partnership with retail department store, J.C.Penny.  Since recruiting Nina Garcia as its in-house style voice and fashion collection curator, this is the biggest announcement this quarter for Joe Fresh. So what kind of retail partnership will we see?  The Toronto designer and J.C.Penny will launch a store-within-a-store concept.  The rollout plan is to open Joe Fresh shops in 683 J.C. Penney locations.

"We are extremely proud to partner with one of America's most iconic department stores, especially as they embark on a retail transformation headed by visionary CEO Ron Johnson," says Joe Mimran, Creative Director of the Joe Fresh brand for Loblaw Companies Limited. "JCPenney is creating a fun and engaging shopping experience that showcases sought after brands in its own dedicated space, providing the perfect environment to introduce Joe Fresh apparel to even more Americans, coast to coast."

Currently, Joe Fresh has only six retail storefronts, all in the US and within the New York and New Jersey area; so this news is groundbreaking for the company, entering new markets all over the country. Now the affordable brand will become accessible to current and potential customers in major cities in the US.  There isn’t a projected date for the two-in-one store fronts to launch, but we imagine things will progress quickly based on Mimran’s anticipation of the opportunity.

 "It's going to be exciting. It's bold. It's aggressive," said Mimran.

This new store-within a store concept started with Nordstrom and is now being reinvented by J.C.Penny. Who is next? And will this trend be viable, profitable options for both parties? Regardless, we are ready to get our hands on Joe Fresh threads. 

Angela Di Laurentis

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