Did Jennifer Lawrence Sport a Luxurious Christian Dior Watch To The Globes?

Designer watches have been one of the most preferred types of timepieces by women. However, even though men too are going for designer watches nowadays, they are still greatly preferred by women. Nowadays, one can come across various watchmakers who have taken to making designer timepieces. So the fact cannot be ignored that designer models earn their popularity mainly from women and they are the ones who are keeping the popularity engine running strong.

Today, various watchmakers such as D&G, Gucci, Dior and many others have taken to designer watch making. However, one will have to agree that the popularity of these timepieces has been growing partly due to the celebrity endorsement. Since celebrities endorse a range of various lifestyle products, watches are just one of them. No wonder, many women have chosen to go for the super stylish designer timepieces as celebrities have so heavily endorsed them.

Let us come to the main part of the topic. Actress Jennifer Lawrence, who has gained a significant popularity from her movie ‘The Hunger Games’, had endorsed one of the most well-popular watches for women brands in the world, Dior. Jennifer Lawrence endorsed Dior somewhere in mid 2013.

So do you think that she will advertise Christian Dior watches in the future? Well, let us make a fact clear to you that celebrities nowadays are always looking for endorsing timepieces that have more of a designer and fashionable value into them. This goes especially for the watches that are more luxurious looking. In addition to that, watches for women are usually made to look more ornamental and decorative. This naturally brings female celebrities to endorse watch brands that are manufacturing such models.

We have seen in the past how various women celebrities have endorsed designer timepieces such as Cindy Crawford and Nicole Kidman. So with the new generation of Hollywood actresses coming into the scene, the watchmakers have roped in the new beauty and new talent so that they can keep up with the new generation. However, you can also see Hollywood’s vintage beauties such as Julianne Moore endorsing fashion and designer brands, including timepieces. This shows that the “old charm” has not faded away.

The Golden Globes Awards, which are slated to be held on January 12, 2014, will also see the actress attending the occasion. However, do you think that she will sport a Christian Dior watch to the event? Now before you even consider this to be nothing to speculate about, let us inform you that the gorgeous actress may well be wearing a Christian Dior, one of the top brands that make designer watches for women. Let us hope that she will be seen wearing one of those Dior models at the event.

Do you follow any Hollywood celebrity closely? Do you also try to emulate his/her distinctive style? Do you think that sporting the timepiece this celebrity wears can bring you closer to him/her? Let us know of your opinion.


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