Dinner, Drinks and Coffee - Where You Can Find Me in San Diego

Like most people, I have a few favorite locations around my hometown where I am more likely to spend an evening than anywhere else in the city. In my particular case, my wife and I have a fairly routine course of action that we take whenever we’re going out with friends, which ends up being a night full of anything but a feeling of routine. We start with a casual but nice dinner, grab some drinks and end up getting coffee while I partake in a nice cigar or two: the following locations are the specific spots we most often go to for an awesome night out in San Diego.


Dinner - Greystone The Steakhouse - Killer steaks, great ambiance and stellar service make this dressy location the perfect spot to get us filled up and prepped for the night. Trust me, try the filet mignon.


Drinks - The Shout House - Hands down one of the most fun locations in all of San Diego County; The Shout House is actually my single favorite place to drink anywhere. Interactive rock ‘n’ roll dueling pianos and some of the liveliest crowds you’ll ever see make this the place to be for a truly great time.


Coffee - Tabac Specialty Coffee & Cigars - The only way this coffee shop could get any better is if it was open 24 hours; however, the hours are quite accommodative for those looking for some caffeine after a night out that included drinks, plus the cigars and hookah available combine to make one of the most relaxing coffee shops I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying. 

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