Do you Want to Know the Benefits of a Smart Trike for your Child? Read On

Your two-year old’s birthday is fast coming up. Even at this age, she knows exactly what she wants, doesn’t she? There’s nothing like the amazed look on a parent’s face when they see their child with that definite frown on his or her face – the concentrated frown that says, ‘Wait – wait – I’m trying to figure this out! Give me a minute!’

As a parent, I’m sure you know that your child’s main development – the emergence of his or her various skills, abilities, and thinking processes – is shaped from the age of two to seven. This is where virtually everything the child sees is absorbed, thus the common expression, ‘He absorbs everything like a sponge!’ If you’ve ever seen the movieMeet the Fockers,then you will know what I mean – especially with that scene where Greg (played by Ben Stiller) tries to take care of the baby, who is just learning to speak – and where Greg accidentally teaches the baby a forbidden word, to the horror of Mr. Byrnes, played by Robert de Niro, and the rest of the family.

The right toy equals a bright, bubbly, and strong baby.

Kidding aside, you would know how important it is to choose the correct toys that would stimulate your child’s development – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Why settle for something you are not sure about, especially when it comes to the overall well-being of your child?

This is precisely why practical toys are the ideal present for your blossoming toddler. A toddler sees everything – and, therefore, wants to explore everything he or she sees. With a practical toy like a smart trike, your toddler has the mobility to pedal around your garden and see nature at its finest.  Imagine that – hours of fun for your child, and less worry for you as a parent.

But what’s so special about a smart trike? Aside from being a practical, entertaining toy, a smart trike allows your child to develop balance, strength, coordination, and confidence. The big four in physical development, so to speak.  As if these attributes weren’t enough, the smart trike actually adapts to your child’s growth as well.


The smart trike – your child’s best friend – and yours, too


From as young as six months, you can already use a smart trike to push your child along the street and take him or her to the park, or even to the market to shop with you. Even when your child has grown to 36 months, he can still use the smart trike on his own.  

Smart trikes, nowadays, are built with extra support, fully adjustable and detachable telescopic parent steering handles, plus safety bars and seat belts, non-slip pedals, rubber wheels, and washable padded seat covers. Additionally, they can come equipped with anti-roll-over toy baskets.


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