Does Bollywood's Anushka Sharma Need a Stylist?

The Tribune Express

Usually when I'm reading through a fashion police type article, I find that I agree with a lot that is said; however, I've found an exception: The (linked below) article in question says that Anushka Sharma's hair is limp and her clothes just aren't stylish, but I actually think she looks pretty good. She could make a few slight changes and look amazing, but I don't see anything seriously wrong with her outfit here.


Actor Anushka Sharma was seen at the Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola music event in India, wearing this unbecoming outfit. She’s trying to pull off a biker chic look, but seems to have fallen off the bike and onto our fashion police radar in the process.  While she looked cute as a journalist (remember those hot pants?!) in her recent stint in Jab Tak Hai Jaan, there is plenty wrong with her look here. Here’s what she could have done better:


Her hair is limp and lifeless, parted in the middle. We’re getting quite sick of the same old look on Anushka, can she please hire a stylist? Read More

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