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Does Celebrity endorsements entice you to shop for luxury goods ?
By: pinkey n bharadwaj   |   
July 11, 2012   |   6 Responses


AbundantJourney commented on August 23, 2012

Definitely NO. If I see a celebrity endorsing a product I usually do not equate it with luxury or class. For them, it is more than likely a paycheck and nothing more.

Gaia Bmd commented on August 8, 2012

Nope. Luxury doesn`t ask for loud ad, which is made by celebrity. Luxury is about uniqueness, but ads with celebs is good motivator for middle class "go-getters"

BAC64 commented on August 7, 2012


Enemaku Ephraim Onuche commented on August 5, 2012

Celebrity endorsements on luxury goods are like a certificate of quality and standard.

Randy commented on July 14, 2012

Not usually as many celebrities don't have much class nor understand quality. Just because one comes into money doesn't mean that they understand what to purchase or not.

Rev Melinda commented on July 12, 2012


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