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Recent research into travel insurance policies covering winter sports has shown that cover can vary a great deal from provider to provider; with exclusions and caveats commonplace among policy providers in the UK. So if there was ever a time to check the small print, this would be it!

With many soon to head off their winter ski holiday, it’s important to check your travel insurance includes winter sports cover and that the cover hasn’t got exclusions or caveats that could cause you issue should you need to claim.



For example, frequent skiers and snowboarders should be aware that some policies only cover hitting the slopes for a set number of days per year or a maximum number of ski trips. So for those planning multiple winter sports trips they may not be covered for the whole time they are on the piste.



As travel expert Bob Atkinson comments: “Travel insurance is an essential item when planning any holiday and even more so for a trip involving adrenaline-fuelled winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.


“At a time when people are looking to make the most of their holiday money, finding the best value for money travel insurance policies will give thrill-seekers extra cash to enjoy the après-ski entertainment!”

A standard travel insurance policy will cover such as cancellation, baggage and medical cover. When going skiing, additional cover is required, including cover for sports equipment, ski pass and if need be going off-piste too, along with piste closure, avalanche closure and emergency transport to hospital and back home if required.


“For those holidaying in a European Union country securing an EHIC before heading off (European Health Insurance Card) is another essential.

“This entitles you to state-provided healthcare in European Union member states, but it should not be considered a replacement for travel cover. If you already hold such a card, check it is still in date for your trip.”


In addition to adequate travel insurance, it may also be worth paying a small premium when in a resort for local insurance which covers rescue and transport on or off-piste. For example, skiers in France can purchase a Carré Neige pass for a few Euros per day which covers rescue and some basic doctor’s bills.

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