Donate Your Fashions to Hurricane Sandy Victims

Stuart Miles/FreeDigitalPhotos

Usually I write about goofy stuff like what celebrity is wearing which designer's clothing or what outfits you should be wearing during which season. However, I'd like to offer a suggestion for those who have more clothes than their closets can hold; donate previous seasons' hottest fashions to help out those who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy. You'll feel good and free up some room in your closet to, well, fill it back up. 


The North East is still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Sandy. People are chipping in whatever they can to help out friends, family, neighbors and total strangers. Several organizations have set aside relief efforts to help states like New York and New Jersey.

If you can’t donate time or money, you can decide to donate clothing. This gives you a chance to clean out your wardrobe, and get rid anything you no longer wear. Be aware that some organizations aren't accepting used clothing donations unless requested by the cities. Trying to figure out which organization is legitimate can be a difficult and timely process. Read More


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