Dreams become Reality Part 2

LUXURY BY CHANCE | Classic Hot Alluring Nicely Crafted Exclusives

Its been a year since the last article on this magnificient venture into independence as a boutique owner.  Claudia and Nadia Barnes are on a quest to create an exclusive ecommerce boutique where Classic Hot Alluring Nicely Crafted Exclusive Shoes and Accessories will be featured online only.

The showcase of shoes and accessories are handpicked from an array of emerging and well established designers from all parts of the world, that pride themselves on their craftmanship from the Fashion Cities | Capitals of the World.

To date, we have connected with a barrage of amazing designers from Argentina, Brazil, India, Italy, New York, Pennsylvania, and The Netherlands.

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LUXURY BY CHANCE debuts October 2012

Brazil designer, exotic skins

Anna Pellissari
handmade Indian scarves

Harashita Designs
Argentina exotic skins

Las Penelope
Italian Men's Footwear

Roberto Morelli
Brazilian Women's Footwear

Italia women's footwear

Pennsylavia Men's Footwear


Luxury By Chance EBoutique

Luxury by Chance EBoutique debuted November 17 2012 with a showcase of Exclusive Styles internationally imported from Brazil, India, and Italy for the GQ Man and Fashionista Woman. The EBoutique, features Exclusive and Limited Shoes and Accessories from international boutique designers known for great quality, style and sophistication. Sisters' Claudia and Nadi...(Read More)

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