Dressing for Winter with fashion in Mind



With many of the trees now stripped completely of their leaves, the days growing considerably shorter and the temperature dropping there is no denying that autumn is definitely here and that winter is not far off at all.

For all of the festivities that we may look forward to during the winter season, it is doubtful too many of us look forward to extremes of cold weather that winter brings with it.  How often has a quick trip to the shops left us shivering and blue lipped from the freezing whipping winds outside that seem to make you cold all the way to the bone?  So what can be done to avoid turning into a human ice sculpture; is it possible to make a winter’s morning journey into work without feeling like your breath is the only warm thing about you? 

Keeping Warm, Looking Cool

The answer to keeping warm while everything else is freezing is clothing – appropriate clothing.  No need to go to extremes and dress as though you are preparing to scale Mount Everest or embark on an expedition to the Arctic.  Dress like that and you may well find yourself with a problem not usually associated with cold weather - under all that polar protection you’ll end up sweating.  

Just because we are wrapping up warm doesn’t mean that style needs to go out the window.  In fact, winter fashion can be incredibly stylish as this informative article from the Guardian on avoiding fashion hibernation proves.  Winter opens up a whole new fashion palate – not just the deeper, darker hues of your favourite colours, but the ability to get clever with layering (become a human jigsaw!) and legitimately being able to accessorise your outfit with a scarf.  And if it wasn't for hat hair, being practically forced to wear a hat every time you stepped outdoors would be cause for celebration. 

Form over Function?

While hats, scarves and layers are all important winter wardrobe staples surely the most important article of winter clothing is the winter jacket?  The winter jacket will not only shield you from any adverse weather conditions as you shuffle from home to bus to work, school, library, or pub, it also gives you the opportunity to make your winter fashion statement.  It is after all what you will be seen wearing when you are out and about. 

If there is nothing worse than looking like you’ve been swaddled in a duvet, then the same is true of a beautiful and stylish jacket that does nothing to keep you warm.  Really, without sounding like someone’s Mum, a great winter jacket is stylish and functional – this fashion piece from Stevie shows that you don’t have to pick one over the other.  

In winter the weather makes us want to stay indoors with the heating on. Sipping on a hot drink may be nice, but the sociable season draws us out into the bracing cold. At times like these it becomes even more important to encourage ourselves out of hibernation mode with style – and a great looking, warm jacket to protect us as stylishly as possible while we run for the bus!


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