Duomo di Milano

There is a reason that Duomo di Milano (or Milan Cathedral) is the center of Milan’s tourism; it is an incredible structure which has architectural beauty that defies words. Every tiny aspect of this immense cathedral is a work of art deserving of praise and admiration. From the quintessential gothic design to the intricate stained-glass windows, the Milan Cathedral took almost 600 years to finish building and it was worth the wait.


With such a massive structure to wander around in, there are many sights to see within the walls of this cathedral. Multiple sarcophagi of important Italian archbishops can be found throughout it as well as some exquisite statues and Italy’s largest organ. One thing that visitors should keep their eyes peeled for is a red light bulb that purportedly marks the location of a nail used in Christ’s crucifixion and can be seen above the apse.


For more adventurous visitors, access can be granted to stroll on the roof of the cathedral itself. This allows an unparalleled view of Milan and the surrounding natural landmarks. Tourists would be amiss to not partake in this opportunity and would be even more so if they made the trek without a camera in hand.  

Michael P.

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