Dwyane Wade Attempts "Manpris," Makes Disaster

Dwyane Wade's Manpris

Larry Brown Sports

Not everyone knows how to dress, a fact you can tell by just glancing around, but there's just no excuse for Dwyane Wade's latest affront to the world of men's fashion. In a getup complete with ankle exposing high-water, skin tight pants that look like cheap capris, Dwyane in one fell swoop takes the word style from stylish disaster and shoots it in the head.


Dwyane Wade hasn't made many headlines with his play this postseason, averaging just 12.3 points per game and shooting under 44 percent from the floor for the Miami Heat as he works through a right-knee bone bruise. (Not that his relative absence seems to be hurting the Heat much.)


With his play not generating much attention, noted fashion plate Wade has taken to raising eyebrows with his pre- and postgame attire. First, he hit us with a floral patterned jacket and matching shirt from Versace's Spring 2013 runway collection. (Read More)


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