Eastman Leather's Latest Bomber Jacket


Someone over at Eastman Leather has a seriously keen eye when it comes to fashionable bomber jackets as they keep reproducing some of the coolest outwear men can get anywhere. Here's hoping they keep that guy on their staff, right?


Eastman Leather continue to uncover and reproduce some beautiful flight jackets from way back when. The A-2 holds up as just a great piece of design so we’re always eager to see the latest version keeping Gary Eastman preoccupied. The CBI 75th Fighter Squadron Jacket was worn by a unit active in the China-Burma-India theatre of WW2, it goes without saying, the model has been reproduced using an original from Eastman’s sizeable archive. Detail, as ever, has been laboured and sweated over, remaking (from scratch) the W-31 Kwik zip was a huge project in itself. Read More

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