Easy but essential home improvements that will impress the other half

Clutter Free Kitchen

It is not always easy getting motivated into home improvement, especially when the weather outside is either one of two extremes.  There are always little things that need doing around your home to bring it up to scratch. You will probably even argue about them from time to time, everyone knows the you said you would do it last time routine.  Luckily as a new homeowner I have 5 easy home improvements tips to share with you, most of the costing less than $100 to do, take a look and see if you can be inspired this month:


First impressions

You know the saying, first impressions are usually the last right? Well if you are looking for a quick home improvement project then the hallway/entrance of your home should be the first place you start. Spicing up your entrance can be as easy as 1.2.3; replace the scatty and torn door mat, the dying flowers and consider changing the style, theme and or colour of the entire room.  Even consider painting your front door a whole new colour, don’t be afraid of change it will get your friends, family and neighbours talking. It’s important that you select a colour than stands with the overall theme and look of your home, consider adding decorative and stylish door features such as a vintage door knocker or surprising door bell.


Your kitchen will properly be one of the most expensive rooms in your home, so it’s vital that you look after it and breath a bit of life into it once every few years. More often than not your cupboard may get marked for several reasons, start by touching up the scuffs on those fine kitchen surfaces.  If you are generally happy with the state and conditions of your kitchen why not consider changing the handles on your cupboards, you could consider a new style or colour.  You may even want to replace or tighten up some of the bolts and hinges that have come loose over the years.

Over the years of being in your home you probably have a wide selection of cook books and appliances that you have lying around. Clearing up the clutter can make your kitchen look more spacious and give you more space to get your hands dirty making treats for the other half.

Glamourized Garden

If you are lucky enough to have a garden then there are a few things you can do to make is look fantastic for under 100 dollars. First of all jet wash away all the rubbish and debris from you garden. Get rid of those unwanted weeds, give the fence and shed a lick of paint. Consider purchasing more storage if you have mounds of clutter around your garden.  You can really add a modern touch to your garden by investing in some solar lights, bamboo/grass fencing to hide away those unattractive walls or fences; consider introducing different features to your garden (budget permitted). A vegetable patch or a water feature can really add a touch of uniqueness to your garden space.

Roof & Gutters

Remember when I said first impressions count? Well the outside of your home is just as important as the inside if you are looking to impress your other half, friends or even potential buyers. You might be one of those houses that have a wonky satellite dish or antenna, out of place roof fixtures can often cause a negative impression of neglect.  You may find that birds have been resting on your dish resulting in a rather dirty and smelly dish that once was white, consider cleaning your dish back to its white forma glory.

You may also want to consider painting your window ledges or gutters to give the outside of your home a fresh and exciting look. If you are going to be investing your time and money into roof and gutter improvements it is advisable to look into cheery picker hire for ease of use and reach.  More often than not you should find a ladder or scaffolding maybe sufficient depending on your homes location and roofing materials.

I hope you have found the above easy home improvements advice helpful. It’s not always easy having a blank canvas; I hope I have inspired you to surprise the other half.  Please remember the health and safety aspects of home improvements do not try and skip on safety. Always buy quality and safe products recommended by your local DIY store.



Painted front door
Fresh Hallway

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