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Why is it worth it to mention education and fitness in the same breathe? The answer is very simple, without properly educating one’s self, it would be almost impossible to get into the proper shape.

Where does this education come from you may ask, well the more important question would be, exactly what should you become educated on? The answer will go back to the typical, diets and exercise but we dare you to think outside the box there is no need to make exercise boring. Educate yourself on ways to make exercise fun and making eating constructive. There are so many hobbies that one could take up and little activities that could burn up calories while taking up little of your time.

When what the last time you thought about buying a jump rope. And taking five minutes out of your day to do nothing but skip in place? Probably not in a long time, but this would be an excellent exercise to get your body warmed up and ready for a work out. Jumping rope accelerates your heart rate and loosens you your muscles so that it is easier for them to tolerate punishment during a workout. At the same time, with your heart rate being accelerated, there is faster blood flow and it is much easier for your muscles to receive nutrients from the meals you consume, before, during and after your work out. Simply stretching in place and hitting the weights would not be as effective as preceding with a five minute jump rope session. And simple things advice like this comes from proper education.

Try to empower yourself, do your own research, try to think outside the box. There are billions of people walking the planet, so there are possible billions of ways to workout. There is no reason why everyone should follow the exact same pattern. Exercise would become boring and ineffective when it should be the exact opposite.

Think for yourselves, think of the things you like doing and research how they affect your body. Then do some more research and put it into practice.

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