Empire Steakhouse Keeps Growing

Empire Steakhouse opens new restaurant in NYC

Empire Steakhouse

The Empire Steakhouse has gone and done it again! They recently opened up their second location at 237 West 54th St. connected to the Hilton Garden Hotel.  Any restaurant that plans on thriving in Manhattan better not even think about resting on their laurels for a second. With Empire Steakhouse, this goes without saying.A venerable shrine to not only prime steak cuts charred to perfection but the whole dining experience sprung from the desire of Jack Sinanaj and his family to elevate the classic steakhouse to a highly personalized indulgence.  Executive Chef Jack Sinanaj and his brother Jeff, grew up on a farm in Montenegro involved at an early age in the entire evolution of cattle ranching from pasture to selecting the best cuts at slaughter. This experience carried them successfully into Ben and Jack's, their first independent U.S. venture. Now at Empire Steakhouse, their second growing brand, the Sinanaj family has notably taken the time to explore outside the rote steakhouse formula maturing into a more eclectic menu while remaining true to their roots.What really sets Empire Steakhouse apart is their extreme hospitality and ability to showcase culinary talents beyond elegantly prepared dry aged steaks. Empire Steakhouse sizzles up a mean sirloin burger that only their house made steak sauce can serve as a worthy companion. Freshness is the first sensation that envelops your senseswhen opening a bottle of their sauce and tasting it with your first bite of steak. Zingy horseradish and fresh tomato juices figure prominently on the palate. Even though their bottles and custom labeling make it clear this stuff is truly made onsite at the restaurant…not outsourced to an outside producer. Staff mix up the ingredients and bottle it right in the kitchen as they need it.

Other must-orders include their house cut flash fried cottage fries that hands down beat any potato chip you'll buy in a bag. Large, light and crunchy, you get absolutely no oiliness.  Their seafood dishes also can't be missed like buttery, melt-in-your mouth Chilean sea bass, salmon, and yellowfin tuna. Save room for their homemade tirimisu as well because desserts certainly don't get more decadent than this.

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Empire's Sirloin Burger

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