Enliven your Mood with Exclusive Ideas for Hot Tubs and Patio Spas

Soaking in a hot tub or spa is a great way to relax after your hectic work hours. The hot water soothes your tired muscles. Several ailments are cured through heated water treatment. Nowadays spa and hot tub treatment fall under ‘balneotherapy’ coming from the Latin word ‘balneum’ meaning ‘bath’. If you are contemplating to buy a hot tub, you can have a look at some of the exclusive designs for matching your tastes and preferences.

Let’s check out some of the exclusive ideas for installing hot tubs:

Kids-Friendly Designs

Children often like attractive hot tub designs. As a result if you have children at your home, you can have eye-catching designs for hot tubs. You can border the tub with wood in bright colors such as red or yellow. Moreover you can paint the wood with pictures of ducks for giving the tub a bath time theme. If you like you can also paint the covering of the tub with sandcastles and seashells for designing a beach like theme. If the tub has a beautiful design on the cover, it becomes attractive to your kids. Furthermore it offers a lively décor when the tub is open. A custom made cover with the name of your child can be a good choice. Besides, a scene looking like children playing on the beach helps to spark the imagination of your child.

Hot Tub Enclosures

You can also opt for Hot tub enclosures for providing more privacy to your room. Moreover an enclosure helps you to enjoy the hot tub even during the colder months of a year. The enclosures have doors and roofs to give the water protection from the elements of nature. Besides they help to keep your tub warm. You can choose dark or light wood style as per your preference. In addition you can add tropical flowers or synthetic palm trees outside the enclosure for providing it a striking look.

Fountains or Overflow Features

Overflow features of your hot tub make it graceful and gives it a resort style feel. This feature is great if the tub is connected to your open-air pool. The warm water of your hot tub warms your pool to some extent. Besides the water falling from the hot tub into your pool looks like a small cascade. However, if your tub is not connected to your pool, you can add a small fountain to the area of your tub. This will offer a sophisticated look to your spa. In order to take an instance, if your tub is created with marble, you can place a small marble fountain enclosed by green shrubs. This will make the area visually attractive.

Unique ideas for installing Patio Spas

You can also install Patio Spa in your backyard. It will provide you a perfect spot for relaxation just like the hot tub. If you have a backyard full with striking plants and flowers, it will create a luxurious space. The perennial plants offer your patio spa a luxurious enjoyment for a lifetime as they bloom through the year. You can also have solar lights scattered in your garden around your patio spa for providing an essence of romance and magical moonlight.

Let’s have a look at some of the unique ideas for installing patio spas:

Constructing Trellis

You can create a trellis over your patio for maintaining the privacy of your spa retreat. The trellis is perfect not only for the sake of your privacy but also for enhancing the look of your garden with flowers and vines cascading down. If you construct a trellis it will cover your entire backyard. Make use of open-air planters at the bottom of your trellis and hot tubs for creating a feel of lavishness. Moonflowers help to make a striking design for your patio spa by opening up at night.

Installing a Fireplace                       

If you want you can also install a fireplace or fire pits on your patio. This will help you to enjoy a spa on chilly evenings. Fire pits are available in various designs and colors and they help to match your personal style. They are also portable. You can relax and enjoy with a glass of wine while your fire pit exudes a warm glow to you.

Creating a Stone Walkway                                    

You can also create a stone walkway to your spa area and patio. Make use of a flagstone or slate for building steps up to your spa and patio. Lay the stone walkway in any design as per your preference. Moreover you can use stones for adding an extra space in your courtyard for keeping table and chairs. If you want you can also place a message table if required. In order to get a modish design, you can plant moss and thyme in between the stones.

Purchase the best hot tub Spas from a reputed online store and enliven your mood by melting all your tension in the relaxing spa waters.


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