Entertain Your Guests with Photography at Your Nuptial

Who doesn’t like to make his or her big day a memorable one? Fun, enjoyment and pleasure, are what surround the wedding day of a couple. People search for new ways to have the utmost pleasure on this auspicious day. Wedding photography is one of the major elements of this day that can be creatively made funny.

In the present days, the concept of wedding photography has reached new heights. From the decoration to games, there are innovative ways of capturing every moment of the wedding day. So, what are you waiting for? Check out these creative tips and add life to the photographs of your special occasion.


Photo Booth

Photo booths are now incredibly popular in weddings. By using some silly props, you can have some fun-filled hours. It is also a great way of documenting different events of the special evening taking a break from the professional photographer. Organizing for a photography booth has an additional advantage for the guests as they can have a printout of the photos immediately.


Just as dancing you can also arrange for board games. Many guests love to play board games. It will be an impressive idea! You can go for a personalized table game. How about the Guess Who one? Use passport-size photos of your family members and friends. It will be great fun in the wedding party! Just try it once!



Make your guests literally eat their own face with the cake. Sounds incredible??? You can print edible images use them for icing on the cake thereby decorating your wedding cake in a unique way. Also, you can make use of these personalized pictures as topping on cupcakes.

A Vintage Touch

You can give your wedding party a nostalgic touch by putting up vintage style marriage photographs of your family members at the venue. Also, displaying such pictures on a table can drive the attention of the guests more and make it focal point. This will be an exclusive way of decoration for a wedding ceremony.


Food of Love

Edible bridal favours have always been a great HIT of the occasion. You can print pictures on the wrappers of chocolate bars and use them as the table settings. People will have a different kind of enjoyment in tracing their seats by searching their faces on the table. Sticking pictures on the luggage tags or personalizing mint tins with images are also some of the astounding ideas of wedding photography Melbourne.

Table and Seat Setups

You can use Polaroid photos as the place cards for the guests. These can also act as souvenirs which they can take home. For table decoration, give every table a distinct mark by using the pictures of the couples or a beautiful holiday destination. This idea is just awesome for a themed marriage party.

These are only a few of the ideas you can induce for your grand day celebration. Reputable and efficient wedding photographer in Melbourne can incorporate many such ideas with wedding photography.


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