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Renovation, big or small gives homeowners the power to create the home of their dreams. A sleek modern kitchen, a spa-like bathroom, or a luxurious bedroom are a few of the projects homeowners undertake to create their perfect home. However, along with the excitement, renovation projects are often overcome with stress and anxiety.   

The horror stories (no matter where you live!) are numerous and are often scary enough to give contractors a bad name. But in steps, a perfectionist and visionary like David Dynega, the founder and CEO of Detail Renovations, a luxury company that works in and around New York City and Long Island, rises above the typical contractor stereotype, where the mantra is “The Art of Excellence”.  Detail Renovations demystifies the process, offering great service and acting as a representative for their clients’ best interest. 

David always does a deep dive into what the client truly wants from their home. How they will use it, now and in the future. What is their style of living, and how will the renovation serve them well in that pursuit? That is rare in a construction/renovation experience, but for Detail Renovations, it is the rule. “Excellence is a choice”, says David. "And a belief in partnership with the client.  That is why we have such a track record of success”.

A recent project by Detail Renovations was a creation of a luxury spa in a waterfront home in Lloyd Harbor,  a small, exclusive conclave on the North Shore of Long Island, long known as an oasis for the wealthy. In the 1880s, Lloyd Harbor was a steamboat stop, bringing rich New Yorkers to the “Island”.  Some of the most notable early residents were Marshall Field III and Ferdinand Eberstadt. This town is less of a “summer people” place and more of a residence year-round. Notables who have lived in Lloyd Harbor include Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, Jerry Seinfeld, and Robin Gibb.  

On this project, David used the highest-end construction, with rare finishes and treatments, and on-site fabrication and installation. The owners wanted an oasis with views of the beach, so that in the winter or when the weather was not the best, they could still relax and feel pampered in zen surroundings.   All the millwork in the whole project was custom. In order to bring coastal elements to the spa, the millwork done was specifically given a “washed up” look to make it appear as if it was driftwood that has washed up on the beach. Instead of a lacquered finish, oil was rubbed into the wood, and custom fitters were on-site to install. Live edged wood, which was used throughout the project, are very rare and hard to work with.

In this particular project, the cracks were inlaid with butterfly splines, which required a great deal of specialized handwork/installation. Even the cedar planking throughout the spa remained “natural”   and was sealed with oil to keep it that way.   Though the tiles in the bathroom look like mosaics, they were custom-matted from larger pieces of imported tile. The stainless steel spa was custom-made from Simon Spas in Colorado and is extremely rare. David’s concept was to give the owner’s the best amenities available. The wood sauna was handmade on site.  

An interesting aspect of the spa is the different climate zones created throughout. Each part of the whole spa has a setting to make that area comfortable. There is a dressing room, a bathroom, the spa area, a sauna, and a dressing room.  All the floors have radiant heating. There are two HVAC systems for heating and air cooling. There is a concealed remote ventilation system and a custom de-humidification system to make all the “zones” separately controllable. So if you are just coming out of the sauna to have a massage, you don’t necessarily want the humidity of the room to be high, making it damp.  It is highly-technical equipment, all concealed around or below the Jacuzzi and hidden by custom cedar panel. It is a complex system but meant for ultimate comfort and luxury. 

The lighting, created by Padko Lighting Studio. is also concentrated on zones, as well as light fixtures and in backlighting, featured in the benches in the steam room and behind the custom-made blackened steel towel bar near the Jacuzzi. The lighting design was meant to be very dramatic and still utilitarian. This spa is absolute proof that David Dynega finds nothing too painstaking for him to fulfill the client’s vision, and then give them even more.  

Costas Picadas
Costas Picadas
Costas Picadas
Costas Picadas
Costas Picadas

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