Evolution of the Urban Vehicle ? Why Volvo C30 Accessories Say More Than You Think

Volvo has been slowly changing its image for years. Initially, and quite rightly, given a pedestal all its own, as the premier innovator of safety equipment in the world, the company has been anxious to move away from just appealing to what can be seen as a staid market. Its C30, for instance, is an out and out city car with an eye on a more youthful market – as evidenced by its inclusion as the car of choice for the vampires in the Twilight movies.

The C30 is aimed at a market interested in personalising its equipment – from mobile phones and other personal gadgets to the vehicles they use, the target audience is all about making its possessions truly its own. To this end, Volvo introduced a range of C30 accessories with some notable non-safety conscious applications – including an ashtray and a cooler.

Personality Means Expression

It is easy to see where Volvo is headed with this. The basic philosophy is that the customer is an individual rather than a target market point: so the person should be left free to specify his or her Volvo however he or she sees fit. Rather than simply ignoring the fact that some people in the world still smoke, Volvo includes an ashtray in its range of Volvo C30 accessories. Also, instead of sticking to a single Volvo body shape, the company makes a body kit available so its users can personalise the look of their car as well as the kit inside it.

Obviously many of the accessories dreamed up by Volvo are lifestyle based – that, like the apps you choose to put onto your mobile device, is the whole point. These days everyone wants to express themselves through devices (and vehicles) that essentially have a single purpose – to communicate in the case of the former and to transport in the case of the latter. It’s a modern way of expressing the age old urge for individuality in a herd – and in Volvo’s eyes the best way to do that is to make the C30 a base vehicle for a number of different activities.

C30 Accessory Examples

Let’s say that you are a city dweller, who wants the C30 because it is small, safe, roomy inside and easy to park. But on your weekend you like to get out in the country and get dirty on a mountain bike trail. One of the most obviously lifestyle oriented Volvo C30 accessories is the bike rack, which allows the city dweller to do just that transforming a small vehicle into a tool for having fun outdoors. When you combine the boot cooler and cargo compartment mould with the roof rack, you can turn the C30 into a ready-made companion for jaunts into the country: the mat protects the cargo compartment from dirt or scrapes, while the cooler underneath keeps a packed lunch ready for when energy levels drop.

Volvo C30 accessories can be used to express a visual sense of identity, like the body kit or the chrome wing mirrors; or they can specifically help to facilitate a different kind of lifestyle.

Drusilla Anderson is a freelancer content writer. In this article she explain why volvo C30 accessories say more than you think.


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