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Examples Of Beautiful Wedding Photography

Weddings are beautiful, magical and memorable. The ceremony of wedding speaks of the essence of love and unique connection between two people.

Weddings are beautiful, magical and memorable. The ceremony of wedding speaks of the essence of love and unique connection between two people.

A wedding day is much cherished and celebrated, with memories to last a lifetime. The nostalgia and magic behind a wedding can be kept alive forever, for a bride and a groom, through the beauty of photography.


Photography is an art that dwells on emotions, instincts and finesse. Nothing compares to the soul and emotion captured in brilliant pictures. Be it a special moment or a glance or a sentiment, when captured through the lenses, a wedding photo makes for a priceless treasure.

Below are ten outstanding wedding pictures that are utterly beautiful and breathtaking, sure to make you swoon..

1. Sheer Joy Of Wedded Bliss

This picture captures the playfulness and camaraderie between a wedded couple, in a casual yet stunning setting. The expression on their faces says it all. This picture captures a special moment in their lives when they seem to be absorbed in each other and nothing else. The stunning lighting with cheery fall foliage and a lovely bench make this picture very symbolic of a wedding.

Sheer Joy Of Wedded Bliss

2. Eager And Restless Anticipation

All eyes are on the bride, and the dress often takes center stage in a wedding. A unique landscape and a sensational dress make for a gorgeous picture. This photo does justice to the ethereal location offset by the bride in a stunning wedding dress. The picture gives the vibe of eager anticipation.

Eager And Restless Anticipation

3. Black And White Is Classic & Timeless

No wedding album is complete without a classic black and white picture. This timeless picture captures the effortless elegance of the bride and groom. The whimsy of the veil and the unusual expression on the faces make this portrait a keeper.

Black And White Is Classic & Timeless

4. And I will Whisk You Away Into Sunset

This photo captures a moment in time, when life comes to a standstill. The vast expanse of nature offers a stunning contrast to the beautiful turquoise hues of the rowboat. The couple seems in so lost in love amidst the agile ripples of water and the tranquility of the dusk.

And I will Whisk You Away Into Sunset

5. Sealed With A Kiss

This wonderful backdrop of a quaint European city provides the ideal setting for an enchanting and laidback kiss. The cobblestoned pavement, the unique architecture, the bright colors and the sheer depth of space in this picture make it a brilliant piece of wedding photography.

Sealed With A Kiss

6. Getting Ready For The Big Day

This picture captures appropriately a bride’s efforts to add that finesse to her outfit and ensure she looks her best on her dream day. A last minute check in the mirror is almost certain to happen, and this gorgeous photo seems to grasp that fleeting moment.

Getting Ready For The Big Day

7. A Glorious Wedding Entourage

No wedding album is complete without the precious vow-taking ceremony and the bevy of wedding entourage to cheer them on. This beautifully lit picture offers a glimpse into a unique wedding ceremony in the outdoors.

A Glorious Wedding Entourage

8. Tell It With Flowers

Flowers are synonymous with weddings. A colorful and vibrant bouquet with an equally radiant and happy bride make this picture mesmerizing. The clarity of flowers, the lighting, and expression in the bride’s eyes make this photo absolutely memorable.

Tell It With Flowers

9. Reflection Of Our Love

This picture is pure genius. The reflection of the bride and groom captured in the serenity of a water puddle in an unlikely spot make this an unforgettable artwork. What makes this photo a masterpiece is that one can see the bottom part of the gorgeous dress in detail without failing to admire the top in the reflection. Wish puddles would happen more often at weddings..

Reflection Of Our Love

10. Nothing Says It Like A Close-Up

Often the favorite picture of a couple is the one close-up that tells it all. This picture portrays accurately the true love and admiration that the couple feels for each other. Wrapped in a world of wedded bliss, this picture makes for a beautiful representation of a wedding.

Nothing Says It Like A Close-Up

List compiled by:
Darin Collison, wedding photographer from Melbourne

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