Examples of Colleges That Have Taken The Unaccredited Route

Countless advice has been furnished about the risks of getting educated at an unaccredited college. Does an unaccredited college mean the school has no interest in the student’s education? Absolutely not. If that were the case, they’d be out of business by now.

There are numerous reasons why a college may choose to remain unaccredited. These include:

·        The institution may not have been established long enough, or does not meet the years of operation prerequisites that are noted by the accreditation agency.

·        The institution may not be required by local laws to register for accreditation.

·        The online college may choose not to participate in the accreditation process for political reasons. This is often the case with religious institutions for higher education.

A few examples to unaccredited colleges that are also gaining steam in the distance education niche include:

·        Breyer State University

·        Ashwood University

·        Barrington University

·        Carolina International University

·        Columbia State University

·        Plenty more

For a complete list, go here. Many of these colleges are dubbed as “diploma mills”. Some are true, while others are mere speculation. The distinction between diploma mills and unaccredited colleges however, is that the latter are operating in the best interest of the student in attendance:

·        Diploma mills offer the college degree for a one-time fee; many legitimate and unaccredited colleges don’t use this revenue scheme.

·        Legitimate colleges offer a challenging course curriculum that is beneficial in the workforce and also sharpen problem-solving skills.

·        Legitimate colleges have been in business for more than just a few years. There are also dedicated agencies that are keen on shutting down so-called diploma mills. Colleges who’ve had a lengthy life cycle for more than a decade, such as Breyer State University, have been through the scrutiny, but have still remained operational with successful graduates for over ten years.

All in all, students should ensure that they are receiving a quality education, which can be determined by college comparisons and online reviews.



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