Bathrooms Make the Difference in the B&B Revolution

There’s no doubt that bed and breakfasts are increasing in popularity. The once old-fashioned industry packed with chintz, doilies and plastic flowers has seen something of an overhaul in recent years, with boutique guest houses and sophisticated small hotels popping up all over the UK. Indeed, a recent poll to find the world’s best B&Bs saw 14 of the top 25 places awarded to UK-based properties. But with increased interest in bed and breakfasts comes increased competition. Guest house owners need to be aware that today’s customers are looking for more than meets the eye. And no more so than when it comes to the en-suite.

Following the Rules

Although the charm of a B&B often resides in its ability to create a home from home, it is essential to consider the not so glamorous aspect of health and safety. Creating a bathroom for a business is very different to creating one for personal use, so taking steps to meet industry regulations is a must. Flooring, for example, mustn’t get too slippery and hot water must be easily regulated. Opting for high-quality shower trays with textured non-slip surfaces can create a sleek but safe finish. None of this means that creative flair has to be ignored. It just means certain aspects need to be considered before the fun of designing really begins.

Functional but Stylish

Visitors will understand that the dimensions of a boutique guest house will be unable to house a roll-top Victorian bath in every en-suite. In fact, it is really only the bathroom furniture basics that are required. But basic does not have to equate to dull. A stylish look can easily be achieved whilst opting for long-lasting and durable units. The former is, of course, important for the guests and the latter is for the hard-working proprietors.Many guests will be keen to investigate each and every detail of their bathroom furniture, so choosing something such as the suites in the Mood collection at Bella Bathrooms can work wonders. The sleek and sophisticated look coupled with easy-to-maintain lines will please both guest and owner. Then there are the details. Reading about the world’s best B&Bs, it is clear to see that much of what makes a memorable and well-regarded guest house involves these little details that others haven’t considered. When it comes to the bathroom facilities, storage is a must. Towel rails are essential and having somewhere to put make-up bags and toiletry items shouldn’t be ignored. Vanity units, integrated within the bathroom sink, are great for small spaces, whereas larger en-suites would benefit from standalone or even wall-mounted bathroom cabinets.

Hard Work but Worth It

Guests appreciate carefully considered bathroom facilities, and it is clear that the promotion of en-suites is a key aspect in the B&B revolution. It involves a certain amount of investment and hard work, but the owners of B&Bs will no doubt find that it really is worth it.


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