Exclusive Tips for Creating Home Spa Night Party in Lavish Style

If you want to relax in an exclusive style, opt for a luxurious spa treatment at your home. It will offer you a euphoric relaxation after your hectic work hours. You can make this experience even more special by creating spa night in your home. Treating yourself along with your guests to a spa night in the comfort of your own home will provide you a lavish experience.

Its advantage is that it will cost you just a fraction of a price of visiting a real spa. You don’t need to have a fancy sauna or lots of money for enjoying a spa night at your home. You can make use of common household items for turning a normal evening into a comforting hot tub experience. Creating a home spa night is a fun theme for a birthday party, baby shower, bridal shower or for a girl’s night in. You can also make a romantic spa night at your home with your beloved and can stoke the fire of your relationship. The exclusive idea of spending a cozy evening with your partner will help both of you to relax in an unforgettable fashion.

Let’s check out the exclusive tips for creating a spa night at your home in lavish style:

Set the spa mood in your home

You have to set the mood of a spa in your home by dimming the lights. You also have to light up some aromatic candles created with scents of Jasmine or Lavender. This will enhance the serenity of the place. You can also play a soft and relaxing instrumental music at the backdrop.

Arrange stations for varied treatments

You also have to make the arrangement for clear marked stations around your house for varied treatments. You can set up a sink for performing facial scrubs, a table with nail files and polishes for a manicure and a tub containing warm perfumed water for a foot bath. Moreover you can arrange for a makeup table with several mirrors and an area for your guests for getting massages. You can give your guests a thorough and a relaxing foot massage with massage lotion. Make your guests sit in the chair and massage their feet while sitting on the floor. You can also make use of your thumbs for rubbing their feet in a circular motion. Make sure of the fact that you have enough of clean towels and materials for your guests. You can stock up free samples from cosmetic shop and local drug store for reducing your cost.

Create healthy treats and refreshments

You should create healthy treats and refreshments for your guests including sparkling water, champagne and small finger foods like fruits, vegetables and cheeses. If your friends are of the legal drinking age, you can prepare a signature cocktail for your home spa night party. You can make a healthy dessert with fruits and yogurt parfait. Furthermore you can let your friends splurge and have a dessert like cupcakes. You must set up a treat station in order that your friends can snack while relaxing.

Inform guests for bringing comfortable clothes

You should also not forget to inform your guests in advance about bringing comfortable clothes with them like slippers, robes and nightdress for making the spa event relaxing and comfortable. You can email the invitations to your guests with the information of bringing comfortable clothing.

Stock up recent magazines for guests

You can stock up magazines with topics of recent gossip, health news and fashion updates. Your guests can go through the magazines while soaking their feet or after completing their spa treatments.

Present gifts to your guests

You should also present gifts to your guests and thank them for attending your party. You can gift a small candle or samples of some spa products that you have used during the spa party.

Follow these simple tips and put a spark in your home spa night party in a lavish style. This will not only give you an opportunity to enjoy with your friends in an exclusive style but will also help you to alleviate the stress of the day with gentle massage. In order to get the best spa supplies, look for the top online stores selling products of spas. Purchase the best spa supplies and get rejuvenated with the luxurious feel of hot tub bath.


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