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India the land of wonders is highlighted as “soney ki chidiya” or “The Golden Bird”. In abundence with its emaculating geographical bounderies, traditions, folk dances, culture, wildlife, animals, birds, reptiles etc.  are a part of this diversified land of the motherland of India. You may enjoy this diversified, rich and attributual  aspect of India through the India Tour Packages.

Commencing your journey with Exotic India Journey, starting from the giant Great Himalayas to the enchanting southern coast of India, from the Tiger of the Sunderbans of Gujarat to the tribals of the Assam all are the best with them as Exotic India Journey is one of the best tour operators in India.

The fresco of India Tours is  paramountingly very important from each and every point of view. Be it the Wildlife tours, the Beach freshness tours, Trekking, Hiking, Camping, entertainment, health tours etc. all are an enormous one from each and every spectacle that is being offered here. We undertsnad the undermined reasons of covering the whole of India in a single trip. And since it is very intricate and complex , in breif it is hard to grapple the complete view of the whole of India in one vacation, we will provide you with best services and assure you that you don’t leave even a bit of India.

Exotic India Journey has designed different and amazing packages related to Indian Tourism that are suitable to your needs as well as your budget.  Grab your India Tour Packages with the best tour operator in India, Exotic India Journey to re-live the whiole of India infront of your eyes and not through someones eyes or ears.


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