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Courtersy of Paul Gauguin

The South Pacific is a place to go to unwind, to release, to rejuvenate, to escape.  It is a place where luxury lets her hair down, soaks up the sun rays, listens to music of the South Seas and cozies up to the sounds of the Pacific.  The South Pacific... a place to go when you need to "find yourself" again, when you need to slip away from the demands of the city.  She is peaceful, serene and captivating.  Join her, the South Pacific, on a cruise through her waterways.  Join her on Paul Gauguin cruises as you revel in the uniqueness of Polynesian life and heritage.

The Gauguin is at home in the South Seas.  She speaks the language of French Polynesia with perfection.  She is the place luxury seeks to escape as she cruises through islands such as Bora Bora, Moorea and Rarotonga.   She seeks to inspire you to dance to your own beat and feel the warm openness of Polynesian culture.  When will you escape?  When will you travel to the "Soul of the South Seas"?  When will you cruise Paul Gauguin?  Perhaps it is time today.  Are you ready to unleash the inner you?  Renew yourself with Paul Gauguin.

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